How to save your iPad Mini If It Falls in Water

My friend is an iPad expert and when I purchased my iPad mini, she advised me certain things which could help me out for repairing my iPad mini. She advised me that if by any chance my iPad falls in water or I drop it from my hands, I should not panic. Taking some simple steps would me recover my iPad mini again and I can find it in working condition. I would share this with all so that if you all face such situation, then you may recover from them too.

Rice theory

Please do not consider this ‘Rice’ as the staple food of the Asian. Rather, if your iPad mini falls in water then keep it in Rice. When you keep your iPad mini in rice sack, rice soaks the water and then your device again starts working properly. If done at a right time, you even do not have to worry about the water destroying the different connectors inside your device.

Never touch the power button

It is a known fact that water and electricity do not goes together. Hence, when your iPad mini would fall in water, never try to switch on the power button. It could be devastating. The worst thing for your iPad mini is switching it on when it falls into water. Never, switch on the iPad mini. If you switch it on, you surely have to give it to service centre for repairing.

Use gel packets

Many times you can see that we use blower to dry the water that has enter the iPad mini. This too is very bad for the device. Never blow dry as it may damage any solder of the device. Rather use gel packets which can easily soak the water and then your device would be free of water.
After doing all these if you still find water in your device then you have to go to repair centre for repairing your iPad mini.

Some Accessories That Can Save The iPad Mini

Though iPad is so expensive, it is too popular all over the world for its stylish design. I am also very proud to have my iPad mini for my own use. It is important to handle it very carefully as it may arise some technical problems due to mishandling of the same. I have also faced some problems regarding the screen when that was cracked. I was tried a lot to get the quality accessories which match the device and give it a new look as before.
As the screen of the iPad is most sensitive, I have to choose the specific screen according to the size of my iPad. There are also several features like, DMA, Wi Fi, GSM facilities which may got a problem due to some technical error, need to use the original spare parts. If I am facing some problem regarding LCD display or adhesive strips or headphone jacks or antennas or some other parts, I immediately replace the same with original one to get successful output from it.

I have never tried to fix the problems by myself, I always use It can be a very challenging task to do by any inexperienced person. I know that there are several components to fix while removing or assembling the hardware components. This is also a tough task to complete within a short time period. It is better to replace the accessories through some expert service provider.

According to the model of my iPad I have to choose the accessories for it. Replacing these accessories always help to enhance the working capacity of my device. As I have own an iPad Mini, hence I have to choose always the right accessories for it to get uninterrupted entertainment on the go. I have also added some other accessories which are also helpful while using such iPad Mini.

iPad Touch Panel

As I do not want to give more stress on the touch panel of my iPad mini, hence the iPad Touch Panel help me to give more stress to original touch panel. It is important part I use to give my iPad mini a long life.

Touch Glass Digitizer Screen

This screen basically saves the touch glass. From first day I was taken care of my iPad Mini, so that I have purchased the touch glass digitize screen to protect the original touch glass. Till today the screen is protecting the touch glass of my iPad.

Mini Cases

Mainly iPad mini cases use to protect the iPad while carrying it. There are several types of designs of iPad mini cases. I have found a good and attractive mini case for my iPad and purchased it. It was purchased from online store, as there were different varieties of the same.

iPad back cover

It is found that most of the iPads have some spots on their backsides. Because as it is uses on continuous basis and need to keep it on table or other spaces, the back side becoming scratched. I have saved my iPad mini from this problem. At the time of purchase, I have purchased the back cover to protect the back side of my stylish iPad mini.

Though above all accessories are available in different stores of iPad, it is advisable to search on the online stores before purchasing the same. I have got so much profit by purchasing above accessories over internet. There are several online stores where I have found the accessories. It was helped me a lot to find out the right one for my iPad mini. I have also verified the prices they are charging by different stores. It also helped me to get the accessories within my affordability.

Go for the Right Service Provider for Your iPad

iPad is such a device which has brings a new revolution in electronics and technology. Everything which I desire from an electronic gadget is available in iPad. The mini version of iPad is also very lucrative. It also delivers all the features of iPad.

Features or iPad Mini

A mini iPad offers several features like fantastic display, HD camera both face time and insight, powerful A5 chip with a wireless feature, allows more than three millions of applications to be downloaded etc.
As there are so many fantastic features included in iPad mini version, it is most necessarily needed to get it repair due to some technical problem arise during running of these features. It also requires very careful handling to enjoy its features for a long period of time. Though there are some possibilities to malfunction of its features due to wrong handling, it is necessary to service it on regular basis and if needed change the damaged parts with original one.

Professional service Provider

I was faced so many problems with my iPad mini as it was dropped on a harsh surface. Some of its features were started malfunctioning. Its screen was not displaying clearly and the headphones were not functioning well. Then I was taken that to a professional iPad Repairs. Before going to that professional I was verified about the quality of the professional that my iPad should repair successfully. At first the professional diagnosed the problems of the iPad. After that he had told me regarding the reasons for which the iPad is malfunctioning. He suggested me to replace some of its parts so that it can work as new iPad as earlier. I was asked him about the expenses regarding the same. He has satisfied me by giving me a quotation to repair the same. After that I have given him the order to replace the requisite spare parts. After one day he has delivered back my iPad and I was surprised that it is working like the new one and there was no problems which were raised due to dropped on the surface.

Finding out the service provider

Luckily I was got a good quality professional that has satisfied me regarding iPad Repairs. It is important to find out the right professional for repairing of such valuable electronic devices. Most of the professionals use duplicate spare parts to make more profit and to provide more customer satisfaction by taking less amount of money. But it is advisable to use only original spare parts for the devices as it helps to increase the longevity of the device.

The person giving the service for the iPhone should be well skilled and experienced; otherwise there may be some critical technical problems which will not be detected by the professional while servicing the iPad.
There are several companies who are giving services for iPhone mini around the world. While I was started to search for the right one over internet, I was found that almost all the companies are claiming that they are the best service provider around the world. I was go through the reviews over them carefully and at last find out the right one who has given me the right service at a reasonable price. Though it is a time factor job to do, but I am very caring about my iPhone and do not want to give it to a professional who does not know anything about iPhone. So I was studied a lot to find out the right person on whom I can trust. As a result I was find out the best iPad repairs service provider who has satisfied me with their services and if require I will go back to them for any problem arises in my iPhone in future.